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0 Pokok Teh (Tea Tree) Yang Tak DIgalakkan Meminumnya!

Aku nak cite/share sikit pasal Tea Tree Oil ni lebih lanjut rentetan entri sebelum ni...pasal Tea Tree Body Shop tu...Info aku korek dari website melalui Google Search seperti biasa...

The tea tree is native to the coastal areas of Australia and Indonesia. Early European settlers made a tea from the leaves and thus the name was derived. The whole plant was used originally by aboriginals and the essential oils themselves were used during the World War II as a general antimicrobial agent and insect repellent and provided in the first aid kits of serving Australian soldiers.

Merupakan tumbuhan yang berasal dari pesisiran pantai Australia dan Indonesia. Tapi Syarikat Body Shop menggunakan tea tree oil daripada Kenya untuk produk mereka. Kenapa dipanggil tea tree sebab pendatang dari Eropah menggunakannya sebagai teh minuman

Therapeutic Uses, Benefits and Claims of Tea Tree Oil

  • Tea tree has been used traditionally by the Australian aborigines for burns, cuts and insect bites.

  • Tea Tree(Melaleuca alternifolia)Most of its present applications are for its antimicrobial action in skin infections and associated conditions such as dandruff.
  • The essential oil made from tea tree has been used as an herbal remedy to get rid of head lice.
  • There is clinical evidence to suggest it is of benefit for the treatment of acne and comparable to using benzoyl peroxide lotion.
  • Tea tree oil is also thought to be of benefit for fungal infections such as nail infections and athlete’s foot.
  • It is considered one the better herbal remedies for yeast infection (candida and candidiatis).
  • Alcohol-based and alcohol free solutions of tea tree have been used for the treatment of thrush.
  • It is popular to use tea tree solution to protect against infection with MRSA, a strain of staph bacteria that does not respond to some antibiotics.
  • Tea tree oil is found in many personal hygiene products promoting healthy hair and skin.
  • There are studies investigating the effects of tea tree mouth wash on gum inflammation and plaque.

Antara kebaikan tea tree oil ini ialah penggunaannya didalam produk kesihatan diri yang membabitkan rambut iaitu untuk menghilangkan kelemumur dan rawatan kulit. Minyak tea tree juga telah digunakan dalam rawatan herba untuk menghilangkan kutu rambut.

Potential Side Effects of Tea Tree Oil

There are few risks with the proper use of tea tree. There are many reports of allergy to tea tree oil when taken by mouth or used on the skin. Thus people with a history of allergy or a known allergy to the Myrtaceae family should avoid tea tree oil and its products. It is not recommended for oral use or for external use on mucous membranes. It is not recommended that tea tree products are used on burn wounds due to potential further damage to skin cells. Tea tree products may result in drying of the skin and may worsen dry skin conditions. Although there is little information available, it is recommended that pregnant and breast feeding mothers do not use tea tree oil or its products.

Risiko yang patut diambil kira bagi orang yang mempunyai alahan terhadap tea tree oil ini apabila digunakan menggunakan mulut atau sentuhan kulit. Tidak digalakkan untuk ibu-ibu yang mengandung dan menyusukan bayi.
Informasi dalam bahasa Inggeris diambil daripada link di bawah dan terjemahan yang tak berapa diterjemahkan adalah ilham penulis blog.
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